The Time Rebels Series

Atlantis Conception

An invention to change the world...

...a new age is born.

But what if the future is already written?

After the FFM Corporation discovers a monumental new power source, the world evolves into a technological marvel, driven by a single source of energy. With the launch of orbital satellites called “The Guardians”, this new power source creates a society driven by the enormous advantage of an internet available the world over.

A lone scientist, once an active researcher for the mysterious FFM Corporation, begins to have doubts about the origins of the new power source and sets out to discover the truth. After setting up a secret lab in the ice fields of Greenland, the professor stumbles upon a trace signature with a single purpose: temporal distortion. Fearing the worst, he tracks the signal back to its source and discovers his worst fears: his ex-employer has been travelling through time.

Faced with overwhelming evidence that something is amiss, the professor breaks into the headquarters and discovers a secret project linked to some of the world’s greatest mysteries. With a temporal device now in his possession, the professor sets out to discover the truth, even if it means going back in time himself. With his first destination aboard the ill-fated RMS Titanic, will he succeed, or is he destined to become another victim of a shipwreck almost 150 years old?

If you like Sci-Fi adventures like Stargate and Sliders, mixed with the thrill of time travel like Stephen King’s 11/22/ 63, then get set to fall in love with The Time Rebels. Grab this free prequel now and get ready to go on the ultimate Sci-Fi adventure across time and space.    

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Atlantis Rebellion

John F. Kennedy…

Amelia Earhart…

The Titanic…

What if the greatest mysteries of the 20th Century were linked?

For Rex Morgan, a lonely VR transport pilot, life could not be more boring. Tainted as a recluse by his peers, an outcast by his family and a virtual unknown to the people in his building, Rex spends his down time in a virtual world filled with fantasies he could never hope to live.

When a storm blows his latest transport mission off-course over Greenland, this lonely drone pilot is thrust into an adventure that threatens to destroy a world unaware of a conflict raging for millennia. After discovering an abandoned laboratory filled with cryptic newspaper clippings, Rex uncovers a secret so frightening, powerful forces will do anything to silence him forever.

Controlled by an unknown force, the planet is facing another reset, wiping away all traces of civilization in an instant. With a stowaway as his only ally and a timeline in disarray, will this unlikely duo come together to save earth, or will the Atlantis Project complete its mission and eliminate civilization forever?  



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