The Time Rebels

Keen to find out more about just who these people are? Get ready to discover some new friends, foes and those you really need to meet to understand...

Who is Rex Morgan?

Life is tough when you're an outcast. With no family and no friends, Rex spends his days either working as a Virtual Reality Drone Transport Operator, or disappearing into the endless make-believe worlds of the In-Zone.

After being raised by an 80's-addicted grandmother, this shy and introverted social reject lives out his fantasies in virtual worlds, where he is the hero, saving damsels in distress and slaying those who dare oppose him.

He dreams of adventure, but knows that life outside his apartment is nothing more than a pipe dream and thus, remains locked safely behind his walls forever. 

With the endless boredom of long-distance drone transportation as his only income, there's little chance of change in this loser's life cycle.

During his latest trans-continental job, a sudden storm blows his craft off course, leading him into an adventure of epic proportions. Just wait and see how this down-and-out wannabe picks himself up and fights for the very society that cast him out of their  midst. 

Who is Professor Emmett Finkelstein?

A genuine student of science, Emmett Finkelstein has a passion for the finer things in life, from the smoothest whiskeys, to the classic lines of motoring history.

He first stumbles across the possibility of time travel after working on an invention to read radio waves emanating from the moon. But once he understands the true meaning of his work, the professor makes a discovery even more shocking than time travel itself.

Positive that time travel has been used around the world already, he heads for Greenland and sets up a secret lab with the help of his artificial colleague. 

After spending months in his hideaway, he finally solves the greatest riddle of all, a question that has baffled humanity for millennia. Atlantis, the fabled city sought by so many throughout history, is not real, instead a fabrication used by the mysterious Freemasons.

He tracks the source of the mystery to a location in the Atlantic Ocean, where he is lost. The lab remains undisturbed until Rex stumbles across it after his experience with the storm. Has the professor left enough information for Rex to understand what he needs to do?  

Who is Beth Anderle?

Beth is the girl no-one saw coming, on a mission to find her missing father after he was abducted in bizarre circumstances. Her search takes Bethe around the world, as she stows away on all manner of transport.

After breaking into the FFM Corporate headquarters, Beth discovers a hidden signal, which she knows to belong to her missing father. Tracing the beacon back to its source, the mystery deepens as she homes in on the location of the tracking device; a location the signal source has no earthly place to be located.

With her mystery now lying at the bottom of the North Atlantic, Beth will do anything to solve a puzzle now lying in the middle of a 150-year old disaster.

Can she locate the source of the signal and save her father, or will the mysterious FFM Corporation stop her before she has a chance to find the answers she needs?  

Who is Mason Amos?

Once a dedicated soldier with an impeccable record, Mason Amos now roams the landscapes as a gun for hire, willing to cross any lines, as long as the reward is worthwhile. He's done the tours and seen the harsh realities of a world in turmoil.

After witnessing a bloodbath at the hands of those he considered the moral elite, Mason relinquishes his post and instead feeds his own greed with whatever his employers need.

After being recruited into the mysterious FFM Corporation, he's tasked with tracking down a girl linked to a top secret project involving temporal gateways.

While time travel was never something he considered possible, Mason now hunts his targets in whichever timeline they exist. Will he find his latest mark, or is she destined to elude him for eternity?  

© copyright 2020 Carter Nash